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This website contains product documentation for SERVICE BRICK.

Visit our GitHub Page at for source code, examples, defect tracking and more.

SERVICE BRICK is in BETA and we anticipate our first release Q4 of 2022!


Microservice architecture has become the preferred approach to building large, distributed systems. By breaking down a large system into small components, tiger teams can build self-contained subsystems that can be independently developed, tested and deployed. This also allows for different technology choices per service, helping a team to better solve for their particular business domain.

When designing for microservices, we utilize domain driven design (DDD) patterns and service oriented architecture (SOA). It allows us to scope the size of the business domain that must be developed and to provide governance over the solution being built. These policies enforce the standards, interoperability and quality of the resultant solution.

SERVICE BRICK is the cornerstone for building microservice foundations. It provides the core architectural patterns, standardization, implementation and governance for all services developed in the infrastructure. It exposes a storage platform agnostic model and repository-based API that works the same for all supported storage providers. Clients of your services will operate the same, so you can pick the persistence mechanism of your choice. Its modular design allow services to be built independently, while ensuring interoperability and standardization of your APIs once they are integrated together.

Each brick we develop can run on all storage providers. This allows you to choose choose technologies tailored to your budget. As your business grows, you can change to use a new storage provider that fulfills your needs. You can store all your data in one storage provider or mix and match technologies per service, referred to as polyglot persistence.

Our platform offers many pre-built core services that are needed for any microservice solution. We provide several examples on how to build and deploy your own platform, including complete source code for building example bricks so that you can build your own service bricks quickly. Reduce your costs and development time by implementing our platform as your microservice foundation.

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