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Site Map

API Controller Project

The API controller project contains only attribute-based controllers used to expose the API services used by the Service Brick. It only has a reference to the ServiceBrick.[Module].Api NuGet package.

Default File Structure


This folder contains the REST-based, controllers used for exposing the APIs. By default, it will contain one file for each Domain Object being exposed, named [DomainObject Name]ApiController.cs.


This folder contains (2) two files.

  • ApplicationBuilderExtensions.cs - Provides extension methods for RegisterBrick() and StartBrick()
  • ServiceCollectionExtensions.cs - Provides extension method for AddBrick()


This folder contains (2) two files.

  • [Module Name]ApiControllerConstants.cs - Defines shared constants
  • [Module Name]ApiControllerModule.cs - Implements the IModule interface